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Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities: A Handbook for Fraud Victims Participating in the Federal Criminal Justice System, OVC, 1998, NCJ 172830. (39 pages).
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Rise of Hallucinogen Use, NIJ, October 1997, NCJ 166607. (11 pages).
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Robert Taylor Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, BJA, 1999, NCJ 174442. (10 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Rural Crime and Rural Policing, NIJ, September 1994, NCJ 150223. (15 pages).
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SafeFutures Marketing Tool Kit, OJJDP, 1998, NCJ 171131. (72 pages).
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SafeFutures: Partnerships To Reduce Youth Violence and Delinquency, OJJDP, June 1996, FS 9638. (2 pages).
School and Community Interventions To Prevent Serious and Violent Offending, OJJDP, October 1999, NCJ 177624. (12 pages).
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School Crime: A National Crime Victimization Survey Report, BJS, September 1991, NCJ 131645. (22 pages).
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School: Technical Assistance Manual, OJJDP, 1991, NCJ 142717. (116 pages).
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SEARCH National Technical Assistance and Training Program, BJA, October 1999, FS 000253.

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