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NIJ Journal Issue No. 232, NIJ, August 1996, NCJ 211621. (35 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Noncitizens in the Federal Criminal Justice System, 1984-94, BJS, August 1996, NCJ 160934. (12 pages).
Agency Abstract   PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Prison and Jail Inmates, 1995, BJS, August 1996, NCJ 161132. (16 pages).
Agency Abstract   PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Reducing Youth Gun Violence, OJJDP, August 1996, NCJ 162421. (30 pages).
HTML (View Broadcast)   TEXT (Participant Packet)   NCJRS Abstract 
Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program, OJJDP, August 1996, NCJ 247955. (2 pages).
SMART Program Expansion, Final Report, NIJ-Sponsored, August 1996, NCJ 193802. (20 pages).
PDF   NCJRS Abstract 
Balanced and Restorative Justice Project (BARJ), OJJDP, July 1996, FS 9642. (2 pages).
Chicago Police Department's Information Collection for Automated Mapping (ICAM) Program, NIJ, July 1996, NCJ 160764. (16 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Community-Backed Anti-Drug Tax: COMBAT in Jackson County, Missouri, NIJ, July 1996, NCJ 160937. (15 pages).
PDF   TEXT   NCJRS Abstract 
Correctional Populations in the United States, 1994, BJS, July 1996, NCJ 160091. (187 pages).
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