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I am having trouble viewing the Office for Domestic Preparedness DVD, Emergency Response to Terrorism: Training for Emergency Responders, NCJ 205243. Can you assist me?
If you are trying to use the Emergency Response to Terrorism: Training for Emergency Responders (NCJ 205243) on your computer, please ensure that:
  • You are using a DVD drive on your computer (you can not use the computer's CD-ROM drive)
  • You have Windows Media DVD Decoder software available on your computer
Please be aware that you will need both of the above to view this resource using your computer. If you do not have a DVD drive or the necessary software on your computer, please be aware that you can also use a regular DVD player to view this item.

If you continue to have trouble viewing the DVD, please contact Community Research Associates, Inc. (CRA), an organization involved in the development of the DVD. You can reach CRA using the following means:

Community Research Associates, Inc. (CRA)
4401 Ford Avenue, 6th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22302
Phone: 703-535-5205
Fax: 703-519-4518

Last Updated: March 23, 2010

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