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Why aren't all publications listed on this site available to order?
Some publications do not have sufficient inventory to be included in the Shopping Cart System. Some publications that are out of stock may be available to order as a photocopy. This is indicated by the Order Photocopy icon. You can click on this icon to order a black and white copy of the document.

Since we only distribute materials from our Federal sponsors, many resources found in our Abstracts Database are not available for ordering through the Shopping Cart System. If the publication cannot be photocopied then it may be obtained through the NCJRS Inter-Library Loan program. More detailed instructions on how to obtain documents in the Abstracts Database are available.

Additionally, many publications in the Abstracts Database are available at local libraries. Use the Find in a Library service to search these collections and discover if the document you are interested in is available at a local library. To learn more about this visit the Obtain Documents section of the Abstracts Database Online Tutorial.

If you cannot find the item you are searching for or if you are experiencing problems downloading an electronic version (PDF or HTML) of a document, contact us directly.

Last Updated: January 25, 2013

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