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Public Order Offenses



  • Where can I locate statistics on juveniles arrested for driving under the influence?
    Data on juveniles arrested for driving under the influence can be accessed in the Federal Bureau of ... Read More
    Last Updated: February 25, 2014

  • How many pedestrians are killed by drunk drivers?
    Data about pedestrians killed or injured in crashes involving alcohol can be found in the annual Overview: Traffic Safety Fact Sheet... Read More
    Last Updated: April 2, 2014

  • How do I find crime statistics for a specific college?
    College-specific crime statistics are available on the Campus Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool We... Read More
    Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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  • Background Checks for Firearm Transfers, 2012 - Statistical Tables,  BJS, December 2014, NCJ 247815. (20 pages).
    Agency Abstract   PDF  TEXT  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Petitioned Status Offense Cases in Juvenile Courts, 2004,  OJJDP, February 2008, NCJ 221520. (2 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Juvenile Arrests for Driving Under the Influence, 1995,  OJJDP, October 1997, NCJ 247865. (2 pages).
    PDF  TEXT   

  • Guide to Combating Juvenile DUI,  OJJDP, August 1999, NCJ 247788. (2 pages).
    PDF  TEXT   

  • Enforcing the Underage Drinking Laws Program,  OJJDP, May 1999, NCJ 176216. (2 pages).
    PDF  TEXT  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Combating Underage Drinking,  OJJDP, February 1998, NCJ 247726. (2 pages).
    PDF  HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

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